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Cotton and cotton silk applique and quilted

Cotton and cotton silk applique

'Village Scene' - double quilt


Fine detail

265cm x 205cm

Village scene double quilt £250



'Spring Garden' - double quilt


Info on ordering quilts

Our quilts go out of stock quickly in our Brighton Marina Fair Trade shop. We've sold this one as it's a popular colour and design but you can phone us on 07401 593574 if you'd like to have one made.

Handmade quilts can take at least a month to make by women in the foothills of the Himalayas.

Full size double quilt £250 270cm x 220cm

  • Red & white cotton squares
  • Colour spectrum in cotton
  • Blues/natural cotton kaleidosco
    Blues/natural cotton kaleidoscope
  • Black, white and red geometric
    Black, white and red geometric
  • Kalamkari brick in cotton
    Kalamkari brick in cotton
  • Browns/natural cotton kaleidosco
    Browns/natural cotton kaleidoscope

Detail only shown on all quilts

Double quilts: individually sized from £195 to £250

Quilting is a wonderful art form with many different designs. These quilts are made of cotton or cotton silk by Purkal Women's Group (PSSS) in India. They are interlined and washable, though, as they are handmade, it's best not to overwash them. The back of the quilts are generally floral print cotton.

If you'd like to see the quilts, we have a range on show in our Brighton Marina Fair Trade Shop, but as they're popular they can come in and go out fairly quickly. So, we thought we'd also put up a gallery and you can then enjoy looking at the women's work and, if there's a quilt you like, which has already been sold, please email or phone us on 07401 593574 and we can describe it in more detail.

If the quilt you like is out of stock, it is possible to order another one, to be made especially for you. We will need to charge you a deposit and, as the items are all handmade, there may be a slight variation in colour. You need to be happy about this before you order and, again, we can talk to you about it.

The photos are not necessarily perfectly straight because the quilts and playmats are made of cotton and I have photographed them by hanging them up. Hopefully these will give you a good idea of what they look like.

Call us on 07401 593574

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