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Quilting is a wonderful art form that comes in many different designs. The quilts are made of cotton by Purkal Women's Group (PSSS) in India. They are interlined and washable, though, as they are handmade, it's best not to overwash them.

As we've had to move out of our Brighton Marina Shop we thought we'd put up a gallery so you can enjoy the women's work and, if there's anything you like, please email or phone us on 07401 593574 and we can let you know if the particular quilt you like is in stock and describe it in more detail. If the quilt you like is out of stock, it is possible to order another one, to be made especially for you. We will need to charge you a deposit and, as the items are all handmade, there may be a slight variation in colour. You need to be happy about this before you order and, again, we can talk to you about it.

The photos are not necessarily perfectly straight because the quilts and playmats are made of cotton and I have photographed them by hanging them up. Hopefully these will give you a good idea of what they look like.

Double quilts: 220cm wide by 260cm long from £195 to £250

Detail only shown below on all quilts and playmats
Stacks Image 11166
Red & white cotton squares
Stacks Image 11172
Pinks cotton/silk squares
Stacks Image 11178
Kalamkari blockprint browns/wine/natural cotton brick design
Stacks Image 11184
Indian village women design on navy blue background
Stacks Image 11225
Browns/natural cotton kaleidoscope design
Stacks Image 11230
Black/white/red cotton geometric design
Stacks Image 11235
Blues/natural cotton kaleidoscope design
Stacks Image 11258

Alphabet quilts for kids: W 110cm x L 130cm £75

Stacks Image 11112
Red Alphabet Quilt
Stacks Image 11127
Blue Alphabet Quilt
Stacks Image 11110
Green Alphabet Quilt
Stacks Image 11114
Pink Alphabet Quilt

Playmat quilts for kids: 86cm square (34" square) £59.50

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Stacks Image 11141
Stacks Image 11309
Stacks Image 11147

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